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Question   The BIRDS
Jackie, your photos are out of this world, or perfect parts of this world. I am so jealous of your ability to do this amazing work. Audubon, here she comes! Love to you, kiddo. Kay Keiffer LeMosy

- Kathryn LeMosy May 24, 2017

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Question   Wonderful, Wonderful Photos
Hi Jackie-
Your photos are beautiful. Great Job

David + Julie + Olivia

- David Sutton January 18, 2014

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Question   One Of The Best!
Amazing gallery, it was a pleasure to meet you in the garden ; ))

- Jobet Palmaira September 18, 2012

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Question   Julia
Good shot of Julia. Is that the scientific name or did you get personal and named it?

- Irene Oleksiuk August 23, 2011

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Question   Thank You Jackie
Hi Jackie,
You are blessed with a wonderful gift, thanks for sharing it. Tell your mom, I miss her, and will visit again soon,Thanks again for lunch, and the pleasure of viewing your breath taking photos. Take Care, Be Happy

- Sue VanHouten March 18, 2011

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Question   Fabulous Work!!
Hi Jackie, Absolutely breathtaking pictures! Because I think of my mother when I see butterflies, those are my favorite. Again, outstandingly beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing. Mavis

- Mavis Freeman March 16, 2011

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Question   use of pictures
Jackie, I love your photos! I'm considering using pictures to enhance my blog. How would I go about getting your permission to use them on my blog site?

- Beth Lopez March 09, 2011

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Question   birds, especially
Jackie, your pictures are absolutely stunning. What a wonderful new avocation you have found! God bless you, Connie Alexander

- Connie Alexander December 23, 2010

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Question   Photos of birds

Finally had a chance to view your art today. Your photography is stunning. I especially found the photos of birds enthralling--the colors, textures and especially their eyes. Thank you for sharing your gifts through these galleries!

Jane McInnis

- Jane McInnis October 11, 2010

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Question   Breathtaking beauties
Hello Jackie,
My cousin, Barbara Garrison, told me about your wonderful photography and provided me with the link to your website after having visited with her and sharing photos of my recent visits to the Chicago Botanic Garden and Morton Arboretum. I, too, enjoy the beauty of nature and have taken many pictures. I am inspired by your work! May you have many enjoyable days ahead pursuing your passion.

- Judy Milde September 07, 2010

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Question   Gorgeous gallery!
Jackie, your gallery is just wonderful to behold. I enjoyed browsing through all of them so much. No wonder you have such a good time with your photograph y. You have become a real expert. I'll keep checking, and I'll show them to the others who will be interested also. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful hobby, and keep shooting.

- Barbara Garrison August 29, 2010

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Question   Your photo gallery
What a marvelous collection! You give a new meaning to the word retirement. Art takes many forms ; you've added a new dimension to your life. Thanx for sharing this with the world.

- Cal Claus August 28, 2010

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Question   beautiful butterflies
looked at your butterflies, very very nice.
also looked at birds again, you do such a great job with the birds and all of the images.

- Irene Oleksiuk July 26, 2010

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Question   Lotus and Spring Pictures
Jackie, all your pictures are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them. I loved your lotus and your bird pictures are fantastic! Bravo!

- Sheran Fiedler July 08, 2010

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Question   Hello
Looking great, Irene passed on your website to me and it is very nice. I hope we meet up again soon. Take care and keep posting your beautiful images for all of us to enjoy.


- Darla J. Oathout July 04, 2010

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Question   Gorgeous Photos
Jackie, your pictures are extraordinary. They should be hanging in a gallery.

- Judy Heitman May 28, 2010

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Question   Fantastic work
Your website is outstanding. I enjoyed viewing the photos to the utmost. I've started a list of favorites and right up at the top is the black-capped chickadee. Your photography is top notch. Keep adding more.

- Carol Brink May 10, 2010

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Question   Looking Good!
Hey Bird,
I see that you have been working hard getting more beautiful images up.
This is really great and the images are very good. It's a pleasure viewing your website.


- Irene Oleksiuk April 13, 2010

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